Spinal Cord Injuries almost always result in permanent disability.

There is currently no effective treatment available.

Thompson SCI is developing a breakthrough therapy for Spinal Cord Injury

An estimated 8,000 patients are affected by traumatic Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) and an additional 40,000 patients are at risk for perioperative SCI during complex spinal surgery every year in the US.


Therapeutic Hypothermia is neuro-protective

Therapeutic Hypothermia (TH) is currently used for neuro-protection when treating cardiac arrest, stroke, and traumatic brain injury. TH is even used to protect the spinal cord from ischemic injury during thoracic/abdominal aortic aneurism (TAA and AAA) repair procedures.

Dozens of studies have been published that show improved outcomes in SCI with TH treatment. Surgeons agree that results to date demonstrate the effectiveness of TH – but that further demonstration of a safe and controllable solution are needed

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Our patented technology overcomes barriers preventing long sought use of Therapeutic Hypothermia in Spinal Cord Injury treatment

  • Seamless integration with current treatment regimens
  • Utilizes spinal implants currently used in surgical treatment
  • Safely delivers targeted, localized hypothermia
  • Precise temperature control perioperatively and postoperatively
  • Compatible with Electrophysiology Monitoring

Our Preclinical Trials have successfully demonstrated:

  • Clinical use of our system and therapy
  • Safety of localized therapeutic hypothermia
  • Efficacy of localized therapeutic hypothermia for protection of the spinal cord during perioperative injury
  • Precise control of spinal cord temperature
  • Electrophysiology Monitoring compatibility throughout surgical procedure via SSEP and tMEP

Leadership Team

Michael Fehlings, MD, PHD
Chief Medical Officer

John Sullivan
President / CEO

Mike Drnek
Director of R&D

Dan Farley
Board Chairman

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